BALANCE Membership Specials for July 2015


BALANCE Membership Drive
 To benefit the Wounder Warriors

Pick this membership
 to benefit this very worthwhile charity

BALANCE for the month of July is having a club membership drive.  For every member that purchase this membership BALANCE will donate $20. That's the first months membership dues to the Wounded Warriors.

Our goal is 200 new memberships. That would bring in over $4000 for the Wounded Warriors.  In addition BALANCE is donating 20% of profits on our Spa Services.  Our total dollar goal is $5000.

Wounded Warrior Membership Promotion

The membership Special is $0 down, first month FREE, and then $19.99 per month for just a one year contact.  To join and help the Wounded Warriors click on the join now button below.

Our Regular One Year Membership

Don't want to contribute to the Wounded Warriors :(. Our regular Membership is $1 down, and $19.99 per month.

Want to make a direct contribution to Wounded Warriors 


Two Year Membership Promotion

Two year July Membership Special, $0 Down and $0 First month and then $24.99 per month.  Total cost of this membership is lower than the total cost of our One Year Membership Option.  Save $80

(Monthly membership renews automatically at $24.99, rather than $29.99 as in our one year membership.  After two years, the membership can be canceled with 30 days notice. Cub enhancement fee is $49.99 rather than $69.99 for one year deal)

Goal is 200 memberships.  We need you to help us, help them!!!! Come on down. We are donating $20 for every membership sold.


ONE Year Membership Promotion
(SAVE $100)

One Year paid in full Membership Special. Regular price is $399.  Our special price $299